Tim Bair

Tim Bair is a resident of Desert Hot Springs, California, where he resides on a four-acre property near Palm Springs. He leads a tranquil life, spending his days with his loyal German shepherd, Bear, and capturing the beauty of the desert landscape, flowers, and wildlife through his photography.

Despite facing personal hardships, Tim found his soulmate and demonstrated to their children that love can conquer all of life’s challenges. Tragically, Tim’s beloved wife, Mari Lynn, passed away in 2017. However,
he discovered that he could still communicate with her and began documenting their interactions. Their conversations flow effortlessly, as if they were still physically together.

In addition to communicating with Mari Lynn, Tim now spends time in meditation, connecting with Spirit and recording their interactions. His dedication to documenting these experiences is a testament to his unwavering commitment to spiritual growth and understanding.

“As I read Tim’s book, I’m profoundly grateful to have been a witness to the beautiful love story that unfolded long before he penned these pages. This extraordinary tale transcends time and space, leaving readers in awe of the profound connection he shares with his late wife, Mari Lynn. It’s a poignant testament to the enduring power of love, reminding us that Mari Lynn’s spirit lives on and now in our hearts through this beautiful narrative.”

Jennifer Shaffer Internationally Recognized Intuitive Spiritual Medium, Investigative Case Expert and Medical Intuitive