Words by Tim Bair

My Poetry

Lots of Ways to Get Involved.

Poem #1

Ever Near

As I sit alone, so far away

I can’t seem to find the words

Those feelings strong at last are here

So long have been unstirred

The love I’ve found is life and breath

And all the world to me

No more in pain, I feel no shame

You’re all that I can see

It’s not always the one they see

That makes the man a man

Your love for me comes through the air

And lets me know I can 

Do all those things I want to do

To fill your heart’s desire

In truth, you are my all in all

Your love’s my life, my fire

You’ve shown me now to live my life

The way I should have done

And when I tell the world of you

They’ll know you were the one

Who gave me strength and held me close

When life seemed to slip away

I feel you with me ever near

Though now so far away

Poem #2

Of Course I Do

My Dearest Love

Do you see this sunrise?

Of course, I do

Do you know my pain

And feel my fear?

Of course, I do.

My Dearest One

Do you see where my joy is gone?

For I have lost it

Yes, My Love

Of course, I do

Love of my life do you know how lost I am?

Yes, my dearest

Of course, I do

My dearest love

I see the sunrise because I sent it to you, and I know your pain and fear for we are one soul

Oh, My Dearest One

You have not lost your joy

only set it aside

and you are not lost

I know where you are

I know these things

for though my body is gone

you are still my breath

I feel these things

though I cannot touch you

I still caress

You are my waking thought

as I am yours

My dreams at night

are only of you

Yes, Dearest Love

You’ve not one thought

that I do not know

So let me help you

and together we will find your joy

I know why you feel all these things so let me answer

I am still here

I love you more than ever

Of course, I do

Poem #3


Valentine’s Day a good place to start

Always forever till death we part

Loving and living and sharing, It’s true

Every breath that I have repeats I love you

Nothing to hide and nothing to fear

Time always stands still whenever you’re near

I find that my life has more meaning you see

No moment is wasted when you are with me

Everything precious in life did begin

The moment I found you, my wife, Mari Lynn

Poem #4

This Man

This man lives on

Though now asleep

His time has come

Not ours to weep

For though he’s gone

He still remains

Our memory sings his sweet refrain

This man lives on in childhood dreams

In well laid plans and cherished things

The ball once thrown

Now caught by all

He carried us then

Lest we should fall


This man lives on inside our souls

Without his life none here a whole

We see his face in all we are

This man lives on

He’s close though far