December 29, 2022, 627am

My Dearest Love,

Well, we did it! I know you are concerned that somehow, we have not accomplished what we set out to do. But that is an incomplete and narrow view of what it is we are doing. Right now you are having difficulty believing that what is written in our first book is sufficient. That it will have no impact on the ones we are here to help. You need to listen better. What we have done so far is not all we will ever do. There remains much to be done. However, let’s take a few moments to relax and catch our breaths. 


Thank you. I am really worn out.

–Mari Lynn—

Of course you are. You are human after all (laughing). Anyway, I told you we could do anything together. I never promised that it would be easy (Laughing). Like so many things, you still put a little personal spin on stuff. That leads you to believe that you understand what is occurring or even crazier, how it will happen. The how part is still very much on my side of the thinning veil. You do need to relax a little while, let things sink in a bit, and then get back to your lessons with DeEtte. That fourth book needs material (laughing). Much of what will be in that one has yet to occur. 

Don’t worry, this writing thing will get easier. I know this first time around, even if it’s not in this book, you have relived some of our most challenging times. You have read our story over and over just to make sure that you have as much of it right as you possibly can. I know doing that leaves you exhausted physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But look at the benefit. You are much stronger than you believed possible. And now that you are recognizing and reliving all of the storms that we faced together while I shared physical life with you, you are also finally beginning to see and believe that we are still able to do anything, go through anything because we are still together. It is your belief that will allow you to experience the victories that are already occurring for challenges that have yet to come. How many times did an answer simply come from nowhere before the situation had even physically occurred? This continues to be our path forward. What has often seemed like our broken road was always our true eternal path. And it was always leading to this moment where you are not just able to write the thoughts of someone who transitioned five and a half years ago, but are sharing this wonderful news, “our gospel”, with a world so thirsty (and has been so for so long) that it thinks it’s normal to go without water. We are a cool spring that will help quench the thirst of many who are looking.


 Wow, no pressure?!? 

–Mari Lynn—

Well, we did accept this job while in eternal time. Even there it seemed big. This time when we jumped into the ocean of this physical life, we did take a few extra deep breaths knowing what was at stake. So yes, it is a large burden to carry. But you must remember that in no way do you carry it alone. (Laughing) You are barely carrying your share (laughing). Seriously, you are doing just fine. And I could not be more proud. Jennifer Schaffer was right. This entire time has been about getting us to this point where we share in written form the good news that we don’t simply exist after we die but continue in our lives of love with those who remain. 


The concept of life and death, of before and after, of physical or etheric is deeply flawed. It is all one continuum. While we continue to travel back and forth between what seems like two completely separate worlds, it is all one journey. Each of us is one soul on one path that has the ability to adapt physics to whatever realm or universe we choose to be in. Our relationships of love did not end simply because we change where we are. Who we are never changes. We can change costumes to fit the current moment we find ourselves in. But again, who we are and who we love cannot change. It will not just because the realm we are in requires different laws of physics. Just because your eyes cannot adjust to what may at times seem like total darkness does not and cannot mean that I no longer exist, or that I no longer love, or that I no longer desire to be near you. 

We are closer to you than you could ever believe possible. That statement, while it accurately suggests a problem, it also leads you to the most beautiful solution. Belief is a valve. Nothing more and nothing less. It is also something that you control. 

It is true that some of us are on a physical journey this lifetime that is not supposed to provide all of the answers. There are some who have chosen to come to this physical life at this moment to learn very difficult lessons. It may seem to them that their circumstances are unfair. That the life they are experiencing is too harsh, too difficult to have ever been a choice. For those people who walk in light and for those souls who are home, those who have come to physical life to experience the harshness are all heroes. Their experience benefits everyone. The contrast that is shown makes everyone’s experience of the Light of Source seem brighter. 

This is not an individual journey, but a collective one. We all benefit and hold inexpressible gratitude for those who carry these harsh heavy burdens. 

When you and I faced our darkest moments, our most difficult challenges the universe watched in profound gratitude. So, as we continue to face the challenges that lie before us, do so with joyful knowing. Do so knowing that it carries all souls towards the Light of Source.

Your Eternal Love